Camp Kinderland

“WebServes improved Camp Kinderland’s website, much better conveying the message of camp. It is a much better tool for keeping the community as a whole together and is certainly more attractive. We were able to put more information into it. It is much more functional and there are now interactive forms where people can contact us. I think that the new site makes a stronger case for us.”

–Gabe DeAngelis, Director, Camp Kinderland

City Lore

“I would and have referred the company wholeheartedly. They are smart people who are used to working with nonprofits. They know that nonprofits often have challenges with funding and with schedules, and they are pretty accommodating. WebServes provided us with the technical services that we needed, for example expertise in Drupal. They have provided technical services on the redesign and revision of an existing website. They are doing that for a second website of ours. And they helped us install, adapt and maintain new database software.”

–City Lore Web projects, Marci Reaven, Managing Director

Cook For Love

“Overall, we found the experience very positive. WebServes took the time to understand and meet our needs. They provided a very professional website that exceeded our expectations (which is a very difficult thing to do). The programmers and web designers were wonderful. I would not hesitate to refer someone to WebServes.”

–Brenda Winiarski, Founder, Cook For Love



“It is a very good place with a knowledgeable staff. They are good people who keep their word. I was trying to develop a new website, a dating site, called I met a friend who told me about WebServes and told me that they create websites at a discounted rate. They are very helpful, open-minded and have good communications. They listened to what I suggested and were very honest. WebServes redesigned my entire website and made it beautiful”

– Dr. Ellen Mausner of

Good Counsel Homes

“WebServes is a reliable company, and I have had nothing but good luck with them. We had a website, which we felt we needed a different functionality and different capabilities. We needed it freshened up; we needed more donations. With the work done by WebServes, our website looks better, and, therefore, it is something new for our donors to see. We feel that more people visit the website.”

– Joanne Lynch, IT Specialist, Good Counsel Homes

Retirement Aspirations

“Their professionalism really impressed me. The writing was exceptional. They took complex information filled with legalese and turned that information into understandable, easy to read, layman terms without losing the meaning of the subject matter, and that is a skill, truly a skill.”

– Gregory Hankins, President, Retirement Aspirations

Sounds Like Staten Island

“WebServes has the technical skills to do what needs to be done. They are informed enough to provide technical suggestions if something that you are asking for is either something you won’t be able to afford or technically can’t be done. So they provide information that helps you make better decisions about how your site is going to move forward. “WebServes created a website that provides the functionality that is needed for it to be a good online social networking site. By providing the Drupal structure, it allows for different interactive modules to be put together. Some of the modules that WebServes set up for me were an interactive calendar, a member blog, and a member forum allowing people the ability to upload and download sounds recorded around Staten Island. ”

– Robin Locke Monda, Founder, Sounds Like Staten Island